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Digital Video Systems CCTV

CCTV Video Surveillance

Installing a professional
CCTV system is the only proven way to precisely recall prior events. Government facilities, businesses and even domestic properties can benefit from a professionally installed CCTV System.

A DVR system is great option to replace time-lapse VCRs. This type of system includes the latest video capturing hardware and software. It can support up to 32 cameras, recording real-time color video 24 hours, 365 days a year directly on to a hard drive. Most systems operate in a windows environment and have options including motion sensor activation, instant alerts and remote viewing via the internet and the ability to view live and recorded video simultaneously. Once the digital video is recorded it can be saved or be scheduled for deletion on a later date.

• Simultaneous playback and recording.
• Event Search.
• Date/Time Search.
• Remote Viewing.
• Remote Playback.
• Recordings Schedules.
• Motion activated recording.
• Pan, Tilt, Zoom control.
• Still Image printing.
• Power Outage/Power Surge Recovery
• Larger or Multiple Hard drives.
• Flat Screen Monitor.
• Rack Mount/Server Cases.
• Compact computer cases.
• Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
• PTZ Controller.

If you are considering upgrading or installing a new CCTV or Access Control System, we are the best choice for state, local and federal government, commercial and industrial businesses.

Digital Video / CCTV

• Exterior/Interior
• Interactive Pan Tilt and Zoom Control
• Matrix Control Station Platform
• Video Motion/Multiplexed Image Capture
• Digital Video Archive/Systems

Bosch Electronics, Dedicated Micros, International Fiber Systems (IFS)
Verint Video Solutions, Panasonic, Pelco , Sony, Winsted
Verint Loronix CCTV Software
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CCTV Security Cameras and Digital Video Security Systems
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