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Fence and Perimter Security

We provide cost effective perimeter security systems utilizing single mode fiber optic cable and highly sensitive interferometry technology for intrusion detection along fences and walls. We can secure virtually any size perimeter without electrical power or electronic components outside a central control room. Systems detect pressure changes along length
of the zone detecting climbing, lifting, or cutting of the fence.

Security Gates/Parking Control

• Fiber-optic fence sensor system
• Integrated Access and Asset Tracking
• Automated Verification
• Vehicle Barriers/Fencing and Partitions
• Single or Biparting Swing Gates
• Horizontal Slide-Vertical Lift
• Parking Ticket Automation
• Revenue Generation Systems
• Vehicle Overheight Systems
FOIDS 6000 series fiber-optic fence system
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Fence and Perimter Security Management Systems
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FOIDS 6000 series fiber-optic fence system Overheight Vehicle Detection System